Three years ago with the creation of we were able to have a flannel print available we called “Jesus Loves Me”.  This proved to be our best seller until we could not get any of it.  We believe it is the reason our website was launched so quickly.  Since these cotton flannel prints have not been available many of you have inquired about them.  I have mentioned your desire to find print fabric like these to several fabric companies.  Let’s let the people making decisions about fabric design know that there are customers out there looking for inspirational flannel prints.

I believe if we can give these companies direction about types of designs and colors we need for our sewing projects that we will be able to find them down the road.  We wouldn’t have them available to us in the near future, but maybe by next year they might try a couple of prints. 

Let me hear from you, the customers.  Let’s get a dialog going that we can take to the fabric companies so we find what we are looking for.




  1. Linda Watts Says:

    I was fortunate to be able to buy about 10 yards of the “Jesus Loves Me” flannel before it was gone. I have searched for something similar to that but ,have been unable to find anything.. I make receiving blankets for a pregnancy center and prefer to use fabric with a “Christian theme” .
    I know there are a lot of us out there. Fabric Designers, you make it, we will buy it!!!!!

  2. Lynn L. Minetou Says:

    I am just learning to quilt and want to start with a baby quilt. I would love to have the “Jesus Loves Me” flannel and any other christan print. I hope my small comment will help you convince the fabric comapny’s to relaunch these fabrics.

    Thank you for the chance to speak up on this subject.

    Lynn Minetou
    Houston, Texas

  3. Wanda Love Says:

    I was able to purchase several yards of the “Jesus Love Me” fabric, from which I made burp cloths and receiving blankets for our church craft fair. They all sold and I could have sold many more. That was in the fall of 2006. I have searched everywhere for more to no avail and have just thought to go online looking. Fabric designers and producers, please include faith based themes in your prints; the faith community will buy it!

  4. Gerry Velt Says:

    I have spent days on the internet and in local shops looking for fabric with Scripture or print that would make table covers for a Christian coffee house themed ministry. I have found one print that I would love to have, unfortunately it is out of stock EVERYWHERE! I too believe there is a market as indicated by the quick sale on every fabric that has been make available. Come on suppliers, designers and manufactureres. PLEASE!

  5. Kris Baker Says:

    I thought the “Jesus Loves Me” print was terrific. Since it went out so quickly , there must be a market for it, and other Christian designs. I hope some one will fill this niche in the fabric world. It’s a sure seller!

  6. Carol Says:

    i want to help my daughter in her christian sewing business…it is very hard to fine flannel with a christian theme of any kind…crosses, bible, jesus sayings..etc…we would be your best customers if you manufactured some more of these wonderful flannels…thank you…chatty

  7. Dora Lee Raras Says:

    I have made receiving blankets and would love to be able to obtain more of the “Jesus Loves Me” fabric. Anything with a similar theme would be appreciated and purchased! Sure hope someone will pick up on this lack in the market and come to our aid!

  8. suz dust Says:

    I would like to find flannel panels printed with the classic face of Christ, approximately 8×10″

  9. Linda Says:

    I purchase several yards of the ‘Jesus Loves Me’ flannel, and would like to find more! We provide blankets and burp cloths in the nursing mothers room at our church and would love to have a supply made with that beautiful fabric. Please make these beautiful, christian themed flannel!

  10. Viv Says:

    I am looking for Christian themed flannel. I particularly like the “Jesus Loves Me” with rainbow colors. When I purchased it, I should have bought much more! Fabric designers and producers, please include basic faith based themes in your prints that apply to all denominations (like “Jesus Loves Me”) in colors that would apply to boy or girl (like the rainbow print) – WE WILL BUY IT!

  11. Linda Hitter Says:

    I am searching for cotton and lacy materials with a Christian theme. There are none…even trim with crosses is hard to find. Someone needs to start a Christian material business.

  12. Cynthia Monaghan Says:

    I am always seeking fabric with Christian themes–particularly for baby quilts. Why must it be so hard to find it? I’m sure people would eat it up if manufacturers would simply supply it. Everytime I DO find a nice children’s Christian-themed print, it sells out quickly and is no longer produced. I hope a company recognizes this need and fills it very soon!

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