Would You Wrap Your Baby In Oil?

Polyester Is Made From Petroleum – Oil

The popular fleece so loved for baby blankets is made from a nonrenewable resource – oil.  The very same expensive product we pay so much for to fuel our cars and keep our homes warm when it is cold.  Think about the density of oil.  Can you imagine air getting through it?  It is thick, sticky, and when there is a spill the birds can only be helped by being caught and washed off by human hands or they will lose their lives.

A Natural Alternative

In contrast cotton flannel fabric is made from a renewable resource, a plant.  It is grown each new season to be harvested and processed for making into comfortable, breathable fabrics.  When they make it into the cotton flannel it is brushed for a soft surface to provide the warmth we need but yet it will breath to let air move through it.

If you research SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrom, you will read that babies need to be snuggly wrapped into a swaddling blanket but it is very important for the blanket to be made of a fiber that will breathe to keep the baby cooled when necessary.  A natural fiber blanket from cotton or wool is the best to use.  Stay away from polyester and acrylic, both man-made fibers.  The swaddling blanket should be lightweight and other quilts and pillows should be kept out of the crib. 

Your Best Source Of Cotton Flannel Fabrics For Baby

Flannels4baby.com has been an online business since 2005.  We have a selection of 100% cotton flannel fabrics that are cute, comfortable, and will keep your infant wrapped snuggly and stay cool as well.  You can purchase our flannel fabric in a full size square to make a flannel receiving blanket or buy a finished flannel swaddling baby blanket for yourself or a gift.


Inspirational Flannel Fabric Panels

Flannels4baby.com is introducing a new line of handpainted cotton flannel fabric panels.  Our first design has the words “Miracle”, “Blessing”, and “Gift” randomly printed on the 42 inch panel.  Some panels have dragonflies and others have butterflies.  The paints we are using are non-toxic and permanent.  There are more designs coming.  handpainted flannel baby print Miracle, Blessing, Gift

We have put these handpainted designs on a special page called Inspirational Flannel Prints.

We made the flannel panels approximately 42 inches square for a nice size baby blanket, quilt, or swaddling blanket.  It makes a special baby gift for the newborn.  You can back it with another flannel fabric and stitch around the edges or add the satin blanket binding we also carry on flannels4baby.com.

We want to hear from you.  Let us know if you like the designs we have created and any other ideas you may have or have been searching for and cannot find.  We have some more ideas to come as well.

Please email us at beverly@flannels4baby.com   handpainted flannel panel Miracle, Blessing Gift, with Dragonflies

Are You Shopping For Flannel Fabrics?

Cotton Flannel Fabrics

Is cotton flannel your choice for sewing a baby blanket, quilt, or items for a layette?  Or better yet, is the question “if you could find the cotton flannel fabrics would that be your first choice for sewing baby items?  Our online shop flannels4baby.com. has been trying to find the cutest, nicest cotton flannel for you in the past 5 years.  Much has changed in the past couple of years.  It appears that some companies have decided you do not want flannel.  They have decided you do not want traditional baby prints and colors.  Is this what you want?

Are you looking for prints that are neutral, like dots, stripes, checks, and plaids?  Is this a better choice for you over ducks, sheep, or whatever novelty print is in style at the moment?

We would like your help in deciding what fabrics to purchase and so please add a comment to this posting so we can have the fabrics that you are looking for.

Remember, our website is flannels4baby.com. We have nice quality cotton flannel, a how-to page, and some cotton quilting fabrics.

Thanks for leaving a message for us or email us directly at beverly@flannels4baby.com

Religious Theme Flannel Prints

Inspirational Flannel Prints, Religious Theme Flannel Prints, “Jesus Loves Me” Flannel Prints

When a new baby is born it is a time to thank God for this new life and what better way to do that than create a blanket from soft, cotton flannel with an appropriate theme to it.  Is this what many of you are looking for?  Can you find it? 

A blanket or pillowcase with these prints on it is like giving a prayer to a child.  Children need our prayers in this difficult world.  If only we could find these flannel prints to wrap them up each night when they go to sleep.

Let us know if you are wanting this type of flannel print available to you.

“Beauty Is Worth The Investment”

Soft Leather Ballet Slippers Made in America

Donovan Slippers located in Scobey, Montana has been manufacturing beautiful, soft, 100% leather ballet slippers for more than 2 years.  We have created delicate, feminine styles for all age ladies that we have shipped all over the world. 

Investment For Your Feet

You may have purchase slippers from vending machines when you’ve been out dancing.  What a great idea.  Our beautiful leather ballet slippers are a great investment for one evening or for many months and many occassions.  Our soft ballerina slippers are flat and will slip into your bag when you are out for the evening so you can slip off those uncomfortable, but wonderful, heels that turned heads  and go home in comfort.  With your investment in Donovan Slippers you can enjoy those soft, unbelievably comfortable leather slippers anytime, for a long time.

Cute Designs For Your Feet 

One of our designs is called the “Megan”.  It is so adorable with little tucks on the outside of the slipper that are defined with a leather bow.  You will feel very sexy when you put these on after an evening of dancing.   If you want a more basic design there is the “low cut basic ballet slipper”.  There are 11 colors, basic black, white, red, blue, yellow, lime, purple, brown, tobacco brown, pearlized pink, and pearlized beige.  We have sizes 5 – 11 for ladies.  There is a color chart and a size chart on our website with measurements if you reside outside the United States. By the way, shipping is free worldwide.

Durable and Perfect for Many Outings

The sole is a durable black cowhide suede so you can wear these to run some errands and to go to the mall.  They are perfect for Sunday morning at the local sidewalk cafe.  Your feet will thank you.  Use your imagination about where you can wear the most beautiful and  comfortable footwear available on the market today, AND, made in the good ol’ USA.

Now Is The Time To Invest In Beauty.  Go To Donovan Slippers.com Read the rest of this entry »

Print Your Own Baby Shower Invitations

300 Printable cards and Activities

You will be able to print nearly every kind of card, invitations to baby showers and birthday parties, games and coloring pages.  Take a moment to look at this great possibility to save on cards and invitations.  Click Here!

Diaper Cake Video

Are you trying to make a diaper cake for a baby shower tomorrow night? 

Can’t remember how someone showed you to do it?  It looked so easy when they were explaining it to you, didn’t it?

Your problems are solved.  Now there is a video about “How to Make a Diaper Cake”.  A video is so much easier to follow than reading the instructions, too. There are also great pictures of cakes that other people have created. 

Follow this link to learn how to make a beautiful diaper cake.